The new Nissan Altima brings options to the table and has two premier engines for new car shoppers to choose from. The 4-cylinder provides a high-end performance. It has an advanced intake system that optimizes the valves. This keeps the torque curve flat. It provides the driver with good power while maintaining exceptional fuel economy.

The V6 is a 3.5-L engine with a sports car feel. It provides outstanding performance while also maintaining quality fuel efficiency. The Continuously Variable Valve Timing Control System means that power is distributed evenly which makes for a highly efficient ride.

The Xtronic CVT transmission provides an ultra smooth ride while maintaining engine efficiency. The car feels virtually gear-less. It holds the engine at an ideal RPM while maintaining access to a wave of power. It then cruises quietly when running on low RPM. The new Nissan Altima takes corners very well and is highly responsive to the driver. The shocks on the sedan significantly reduce outside vibrations which supports a very even and flat ride.

Specialists at our Nissan dealership are waiting to provide you with a test drive of the new Nissan Altima today.



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