The Performance Suspension of the Nissan 370Z

Getting the best lap time is an aspiration of many driving enthusiasts. Having the right sports car for the job is only half the battle. If your car makes a lot of power but doesn't have any grip or brakes, it won't do well on the track. The Nissan 370Z is engineered to be great if you are driving it downtown or you take out for a track day.

One of the biggest contributing factors in the 370Z's dual personality is its double-wishbone front suspension. This setup helps keep the tires as vertical to the ground as possible for maximum grip. Once you get the 370Z going fast, you need to be able to stop. Stopping in the 370Z is a breeze thanks to the 14" front brake rotors. They also have 4-pistons for the most braking possible.

To understand how much performance this gives the 370Z, you should take it for a test drive at Lithia Nissan of Ames. You will understand as soon as you get behind the wheel the difference a good suspension setup makes.



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