What is a Blind-Spot Monitor and How Can it Benefit You?

Before changing lanes or turning onto a busy street, it is critical to check all your mirrors to make sure there are no collision hazards. With a blind-spot monitor, you will be alerted when there is a vehicle to the right or left of you that you may not be able to see.

The way the blind-spot monitor works is through a series of sensors and cameras installed in and around your vehicle. As soon as a vehicle approaches you in an area considered to be your blind-spot, you will instantly be warned audibly or visually. In most vehicles with blind-spot warnings, there is also automatic braking so that if you do not respond to the warnings of the blind-spot monitor, your vehicle will automatically brake to avoid a collision from happening.

This technology is extremely beneficial if you are living in the Ames, IA area, where you are constantly having to battle traffic.


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