New Nissan GT-R Gives Drivers Easy Mode Control

The new Nissan GT-R is a good looking and powerful high-performance sports car. While this vehicle includes many down-to-earth, driver-centric features, it also includes many high-tech tools that allow drivers to get the most out of this road machine. These systems include easy access to the vehicle dynamic control (VDC) service as well as control of transmission and suspension systems.

Drivers who want to get the most performance out of their Nissan GT-R roadsters can choose the special R-mode. This mode is designed for full power and allows the transmission to make rapid gear shifts. In addition, it also makes fine changes to suspension stiffness to enable fine high-performance control.

Drivers who want a more sedate ride can quickly switch to the normal mode and enjoy greater fuel efficiency and a softer feel. Plus, the new Nissan GT-R offers operators a special mode that increases control in bad weather and fuel efficiency for longer journeys.



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