Nissan Maxima Packs Performance With Luxury

Many customers buy the Nissan Maxima because of the comfort that this luxury sedan offers. However, this outstanding vehicle is also a pleasure to drive thanks to the Maxima's outstanding performance features.

Starting with the Nissan’s legendary VQ V6 engine, the Maxima has plenty of power under the hood with 300 horsepower to give you a ride like no other. For an exhilarating driving experience, but the Maxima's drive mode selector in Sport to get sharpened throttle response, steering feel and transmission tuning.

Even the transmission is built to thrill. The Maxima's next-generation Xtronic CVT transmission features dynamic step shifting, wider gear ratio coverage, and an adaptive shift controller. Your steering wheel features paddle shifters that are easy to reach, allowing you to shift gear ratio at the push of a button. Drivers get all this and more with outstanding highway fuel economy rated at 30 mpg.



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